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On the Go? 3 Life Hacks for the Nomadic Entrepreneur

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Nomads have been shaping history since the dawn of time. Ours is the age of the Digital Nomad. We are ready to leave our mark on our industries and refuse to be held down by timezones or restrictions. With Nomadworks entrepreneurs gain access to over 2,000 locations worldwide, from New York to L.A., to London, to Tokyo, all to grant you the freedom you need to succeed.

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Nomadworks is an environment designed to inspire.

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The essence of the Nomadic Spirit is freedom and mobility.

We provide that to our members by partnering up with over 2,000 locations worldwide. Whether you're working in New York, L.A., Tokyo, Bejing, London or anywhere in between, Nomadworks has you covered.

The Nomadworks passport can be added on to any membership tier for only $20. Simply sign up, download the app, and the world is at your fingertips.

What are you waiting for? Become Nomadic!

Nomadworks Passport

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To access the Nomadworks Passport, simply Sign Up for any membership (excluding conference membership / day pass).

Once you’re a member, reach out to to get your profile set up including 4 free hours!


With access to over 2,000 sites worldwide, find the perfect space for your next trip.

No matter where your business adventures take you, whether your next meeting is in the Financial District, or across the world, book your space instantly with the Nomadworks Passport.

Become Nomadic

Enjoy reliable workspaces while you travel, seamlessly. Book your spaces weeks in advance, or on the go.

The Nomadworks Passport is designed to make your life easier, no matter how chaotic your travel schedule may be!

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From entrepreneur to the enterprise, we have unlimited choices designed for how and when you work.

Private Office

Private Office

From $950 a month

Put down your roots with one of our affordable private offices. Our spacious offices house 1-50 employees in a space that you can truly make your own. Be sure to enjoy:

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Coworking Monthly

Coworking Monthly

$400 a month

Enjoy Hot Desking, or do you want to mark your territory with a logo-branded desk in our coworking area? Either way, enjoy full access to our community and benefits:

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Day Pass

Day Pass

$35 per day

For Nomads who want consistency, flexibility, and most importantly, freedom. Stop in and experience what our Nomadic community has to offer before you keep on roaming:

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