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Our reach may be global, but our standards of excellence begin at home with our boutique hospitality experience for our burgeoning membership base. We provide our curated membership base with an inclusive and welcoming environment. Our “Community-Centric” business model facilitates our partnerships with our prestigious members such as New York Angels, Bareburger, Fly Victor, and many others. We delight in giving back to our community, whether it’s through our regular member speaker series, inclusive wellness program, weekly free yoga classes, guided meditation seminars, member events, or simply joining us for a chat during our weekly happy hour and bagel Mondays, we’re here to for you.

At Nomadworks we work differently. The Nomadic Spirit manifests itself uniquely within everyone, let us help you find yours.

Become Nomadic.

The Wellness Triangle

Most of us spend 40 hours a week at work (sorry for that not-so-fun- reminder). At Nomadworks, we work differently. We designed our services as a place to not only thrive but to grow. Our mission is to make the workplace a healthier place not only for you but for your business. Work life balance can be as hard as finding an office in Manhattan, we strive to make both as easy as possible. That's where we came up with our wellness triangle.

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. Healthy Business.

Healthy Body

At the core of our free member wellness program are our free yoga classes provided by Bellavita 360. We encourage all our members from seasoned veterans to yogi-newbies to come down and have a stretch.

Our partnership with Popin gives our members the freedom to hit the gym almost anytime, anywhere. We make sure to always keep our bike storage ready and available, as well as our showers, and some healthy refreshments on hand!

Healthy Mind

Sometimes, you just need a minute to gather yourself and attack that project even harder than before. Why not take a breather in a meditation lounge or join in on our group meditation sessions?

Are you less spiritual and more cerebral? Join us for one of our free, weekly, thought-provoking events. Whether you’re visualizing your next conquest, or simply decompressing after lunch, we provide a space to keep your brain sharp.

Healthy Business

Don’t let all this wellness talk fool you, we’re still very much about business here. All the free yoga and meditation in the world isn’t going to help you if your business is sinking. That’s why Nomadworks has curated an array of partnerships from the boutique level, to corporate juggernauts.

Help with CPA/CFO services? We got that. Need to figure out employee benefits and 401K plans? We got that. Need some funding? Let us introduce you to some partners of ours. No matter what stage your business is in, we’re here to help you grow, thrive, and conquer.

an industry agnostic identity

An identity shaped by community.


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