Nomadworks is more than just a premier coworking space in the heart of Manhattan. In addition to our executive office suites, shared office space, and affordable meeting and conference room rentals, Nomadworks is proud to provide a plug-in to a wide community of businesses, entrepreneurs, and top-tier events that are all focused on getting you and your business achieving your next goal and beyond. Our hospitality focused team makes networking and connections paramount for all members, (both in the community and out) because we understand that a rising tide lifts all boats. Please see below a list of our partners that are providing top of the line services for next to nothing prices.


Do you think you have a service that can help our community? Let us know! We would love to help your business by introducing you to our community of over 800 Nomads, both physically in our office or virtually around the world.

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Home rental services.

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