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8 Digital Nomad Podcasts To Give You Itchy Feet

The digital nomad lifestyle often involves a lot of downtime – whether it’s airports, workouts in the hotel gym or simply chilling on the beach. Filling these gaps with podcasts is a great way to stay inspired while you’re on the go. These digital nomad podcasts will enthrall and inspire, offering tips and tricks for upping your freelance game. Tune in.

1) Nomad Wolf Podcast

New to the game comes Glenn Gabriel, who’s a digital marketer working out of Thailand. He began this podcast in August 2020, and so far it’s been a reliable addition to the digital nomad podcast repertoire. Gabriel has had a wealth of entrepreneurial and innovative interviewees on the show so far, exploring how they built success through a digital nomad lifestyle.

2) Going Remote

Nomad Charles brings his going remote podcast to the world on a weekly basis, covering a wide range of topics that will interest anyone operating in the freelance world. Charles aims to interview the most creative nomads out there, working hard to build non-traditional working lives and establish working patterns that suit them. There’s much to learn from these fascinating in-depth interviews.

3) Living Unconventionally

“Host Craig Pyak has been obsessed with ways of breaking out of the 9-5 for years and he’s a master of unconventional lifestyles,” says Robert Neff, digital nomad at State Of Writing and Essayroo. “His podcast explores all the tips and tricks he’s learned along the way for building a lifestyle based on values you choose, rather than inherit from a work-oriented society.” By interviewing inspiring characters, exploring their choices and the adventures they’ve had along the way, Craig creates a strong case for getting out there.

4) Nomad Capitalist

Digital nomads often exist in a limbo between nation states. Although escaping a traditional working lifestyle is one thing, it can be another challenge altogether to leave behind the clutches of your home nation entirely – taxes and other financial ties often drain your resources in the digital nomad lifestyle. Nomad Capitalist takes on these challenges and offers an accessible exploration of how those building non-traditional lifestyles can manage their finances. Sounds dry, but you’ll learn a lot.

5) Become Nomad

Hosted by Eli David, this podcast is all about building a life that enables long-term travel so if you’re the kind of character who likes to have no end in sight, then this podcast is for you. David discusses the nomad lifestyle from every angle, and recent episodes have covered personal finance and how to build your tribe whilst on the road. He discusses these questions and more with his interviewees, always offering insight into what it takes to live the life.

6) Badass Digital Nomads

Kirstin Wilson transitioned out of her 9-5 years back and since then has built a lifestyle around being ‘location-independent,’ and she found she thrives on the road. “Kirstin argues that the majority of the population have the capacity to work from home – or wherever they choose – and she wants to help you on your journey to realizing that possibility,” says Cornell Carrillo, a tech writer at OXEssays and Paper Fellows. “If flexibility and freedom sound good to you, tune into Badass Digital Nomads to start your journey.”

7) Location Indie

Location Indie have been working on community-building in the digital nomad world for years and their podcast brings you a look at what the lifestyle can be. Cohosted by Trav and Jason, these guys have great chemistry and bring you entertaining episodes every time. This podcast is all about busting the myths of digital nomadism, so you can be sure to learn the truth behind the Instagram filters.

8) The World Nomads

Kim Napier and Phil Sylvester take a look at the nomad element of the digital nomad lifestyle in this podcast – these two are all about travel and love exploring the incredible destinations that you can choose to call “the office”. By interviewing those who are in the lifestyle and exploring their stories this podcast gives a great account of what it takes to become a digital nomad – and where it can take you.

Bon Voyage

Breaking out of the trappings of a 9-5 can be scary and tough, but with a little inspiration anyone can turn travel into a full-time lifestyle. These podcasts will get you to grips with the digital nomad world. Bon voyage!

Katherine Rundell is a digital writer at UK Writings and Academic Writing Services and  a proofreader at Boomessays Reviews. Whilst travelling in South East Asia, Katherine realized she never wanted to leave, so she built a digital nomad lifestyle from the ground up. Based in Bangkok, she spends the majority of the year travelling and writing.