a message of hope

Artist Adrienne O’Neil unveils “A Message Of Hope”, newest art gallery

Artist Adrienne O’Neil, proprietor and lead artist for Color of Ages, unveiled her newest gallery A Message of Hope, here at Nomadworks last Thursday. The gallery was curated in conjunction with photographer Tobe Roberts, who’s captivating photos complimented Adrienne’s enchanting paintings. Honestly is there a better way to spend a Thursday night than taking in some breathtaking art all while knocking back some cold drinks, and eating some mouthwatering food? Here at Nomadworks, that’s what we’re all about.

Adrienne O’Neil

Adrienne has had an affinity for the arts since she was five years old as a ballerina. Soon after, she would pick up a paintbrush and begin crafting her masterpieces. She is a local artist, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She spent a large portion of her childhood in Puerto Rico as well, getting in touch with her heritage as well as muse, nature. Adrienne specializes in landscape oil paintings which blend stellar realism, with vibrant lighting and color and texture. Her blog, Color of Ages, encourages her supporters to “explore the colors of you.” She prides herself not only on the technical skill of her work but the underlying story each one of her paintings tells. Adrienne’s main goal as an artist is to spread love and hope, share her faith with others, help those in need, and collaborate with other artists.

Tobe Roberts

Tobe graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 1996 with a master’s degree in film producing and screenwriting. Since then, Tobe has been involved in numerous artistic projects specializing in Native American programming. Tobe is a multi-talented artist who brought stunning photography to the gallery. In his own words, “My photography focuses mostly on the richness of bold colors, nature, landscapes, and equine souls. I like to build my portfolio with images that inspire and enchant.” He has worked in conjunction with Adrienne before, and his work has also been featured on Color of Ages.

This gallery represents “hope” above all.

As Adrienne put it, The art expresses “a visual story to answer the call of the rise within, to be a light in the darkest places”. As seen in the photos below, each piece is purposed to encapsulate the “light of joy, the light of justice, the light of peace, understanding, and encouragement”, and most importantly, “the light of love.”

Adrienne O'Neil Artist Color of Ages

Adrienne was working the room all night. Approaching various guests and asking them what they saw and felt with each piece that was on display. She mused that she loved hearing her guest’s interpretation of her work, to see if it aligned with her intention. She assured me that when she paints, there are no haphazard meanings or careless symbolism, every work is a carefully thought out and meticulously planned endeavor. Though she would never change her creative process, she did admit it takes time to put together a gallery that way!

It was all for a great cause!

The gallery also doubled as a fundraiser, with all proceeds going to the Legacy Center, an iconic charity which has been helping the homeless residents of NYC since 1996. The Legacy Center is committed to community outreach, helping schools, teachers, health outreach, food service for the needy and even disaster relief. What could be better than purchasing incredible art to support such great causes? Adrienne will also be hosting exhibitions of the gallery on Fridays here at Nomadworks. If you feel as though you missed out, don’t worry, a percentage of the proceeds of the art sold will still be donated to The Legacy Center. Make sure to email her at Adrienne@colorages.org for any inquiries!

We want to say thanks again to for choosing Nomadworks to display her stunning new gallery. Also want to give a big shout-out to Bareburger for providing an incredible spread of tasty sliders, crispy chicken fingers, hot fries, and killer onion rings. Fine art, beer, and burgers, truly there was something for everyone! (Yes, we even had veggie burgers.)

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