Color Of Ages Gallery At Nomadworks

Color of Ages Gallery at Nomadworks

You might have remembered our first piece of the Color of Ages Gallery As we approach the end of the fantastic run of the Color of Ages Gallery here at Nomadworks we take a look back at the incredible meaning behind these powerful works.

What is Color of Ages

Artist Adrienne O’Neill encourages all those she meets to “explore the colors of you.” Her approach to art is incredibly introspective. She thinks very deeply about each stroke of her brush, trying to endow each motion of color with purpose and meaning. She uses art as a way to explore what is inside her soul. That being said, her artistic approach is meant to get the viewer to see their own inner meanings reflected onto the pieces. In this way, the artworks become a bridge between the viewer and the artist, rather than a demonstration, it becomes a collaboration.

“The objective of my art is to convey messages of love, hope and purpose, to encourage and inspire the call to be a light in this world and to gift on. As a landscape artist with aspects of marvelous realism, I use elements of vibrant color, texture and value to bring life to and symbolize the meaning I hope to portray, using mostly oil on canvas.”

What Is Her Mission?

First and foremost, Color of Ages is a vehicle featuring local and emerging artists’ beautiful and inspirational work. The mission is to convey messages of love, hope and purpose, to encourage and inspire the call to be a light in this world and to gift on. They each have a defined style that ranges from Modern and abstract art to fantastical realism. All using various mediums to express their artwork… photography, oil on canvas, acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media. Three such artists, Kaitlyn O’Niell, Tobe Roberts, and Jefte Valle, are featured in Nomadworks as well!

See more and find out what inspires them and the meanings behind their pieces at

The Pieces

We have a huge collection of pieces here at Nomadworks. With each piece sold, a percentage of the proceeds of the art sold will still be donated to The Legacy Center. Make sure to email her at for any inquiries!

Without further adieu, here are just 3 of the pieces we have on display at Nomadworks. In keeping with the spirit Adrienne likes to foster, I will be giving what my understanding of the pieces are!


Color of Ages Radiant

I see a fragile emotional state. The blue, your center, is filled with calm piece and tranquility. However, at any moment, with just a small shift to the left or right, you are thrust into chaos. The red, the anger, the fury, the active need for change or action, juxtaposed with the violet, the depression, the sadness, the emptiness and malaise. They all exist within us, and they all must be balanced.

Light In The Dark

Color of Ages The Light in the Dark

The bad never stays bad, and the good never stays good. It is always important, however, to let the good outshine the bad. In this piece we see the sun, the bright warmth and goodness, slowly but surely over take the bleak decay of darkness. The darkness is positioned closer to the viewer, closer to the soul, and the light breaks it just over the horizon. Eventually, the darkness will be blotted out, but it will always be needed to give the sun purpose and meaning.

The Rise Within

Color of Ages The Rise Within

Nothing is ever as it seems. What we see is only skin deep, surface level assertions and assumptions of the world around us. Within every person there is a storm, there is a story, there is a spirit. The spirit can reflect the outer world, but more often than not is something different entirely. Look within yourself, and see the difference in what you present versus what you truly are, and perhaps the secrets of the world will become more visible to you!