entrepreneurial wellness

Entrepreneurial Wellness: Here are 5 ways to recenter focus

Being an entrepreneur is both exciting and scary. There’s no set of rules to follow. Everything falls on you to succeed. It’s then more than ever that you need to focus on entrepreneurial wellness.

Still, how can you as an entrepreneur put wellness at the front of your mind?

This is your guide for just that.

Make time for relaxation

Working hard can bring anyone down over time.

Sometimes our ambitions and goals can seem more important than the mental and emotional health we need to achieve them. You might want to keep going until you drop, but if you burn out before you get there then you’ll slow down.

Steady wins the race, especially because steady knows the limits of their body, mind, and soul. So, even if it’s just a few minutes of meditation a day, or a more extensive daily/weekly self-care routine you need it.

Plan ahead of time

It’s easier to keep on top of things if you plan ahead. It may seem like extra work, but the anxiety of doing everything at a whim’s notice is not a sustainable work ethic.

Being flexible is important but it’s more reliable to have consistency and know what to expect. Plus creating plans to achieve your goals is the way to go. You won’t feel side-tracked or surprised all the time.

Which will improve your mood and your general sense of control over your destiny?

Remind yourself why you do this

In the midst of things, you can lose sight of what all this work is for. Take some time to remind yourself of your ultimate goals. Are you doing this for you and your future? Your family?

Realign your motivations. Check if they’re still the same. Checking in with yourself on your goals is key to staying on the right path. Plus it’s a good time to reevaluate your loyalties and your overall plan.


Remember your achievements, say them out loud to yourself. Repeat your skills. You are worthy and talented. Self-Affirming will both improve your mood, overall entrepreneurial wellness, and spark your excitement drive.

Doing this daily is an easy way to keep your spirits up, especially at the start of your day or when you’re feeling anxious or stressed.

Check your surroundings

Where are you spending your time? The space of your mind is heavily influenced by the space around you. Your environment can dictate whether you’re stressed, constrained, or inspired and motivated.

Nine to five desk jobs are often synonymous with boredom and monotony. That’s why it’s important to choose spaces to work in like Nomad Works that have meditation lounges, hammocks, natural light, art, and just a good work culture.