power of flexibility

The Power of Flexibility: How Nomadic Work Style Fuels Entrepreneurship

For some, a nice, quiet office is perfectly fine. For others, the bustling, day-to-day rush of the average work-day sparks adrenaline you just can’t mimic. It fuels entrepreneurship.

Being nomadic has a few definitions, but one definition that hits closest to home would be flexibility.

To add some clarity, it’s important we are able to get work done in environments we are not accustomed to. Sometimes those same spaces can drive you to work even harder and more efficiently on a daily basis. 

With 24/7 access, unbelievable internet speeds, various conference rooms and event facilities, we have created an environment where people can work flexibly and on their own time. 

Like our Virtual Offices

Often times we find ourselves too locked away in an office for eight-plus hours. That much focus can cause your workflow to become pretty stagnant. In a flexible workspace, there should be a balance, a place for anyone to collect their thoughts away from their desks.

Take a minute to breathe and think in our meditation room. And for the social butterflies out there, team up in one of our conference rooms. Those are some of the best places to think out loud. 

The research

In a Harvard study, researchers compared the outcomes of flexible work arrangements at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The team found those with more flexible work arrangements were 4.4 percent more productive than the latter. 

A small percentage indeed, but what if you added up the days, multiplied the weeks, or even tallied up the years. We strive to give our guests that work boost, we want to provide for you, and get down to what fuels entrepreneurship. 

For the super-nomadic entrepreneur, there’s our NomadWorks Passport. You’ll have access to over 4,000 Nomadworks partnered workspaces worldwide as well as four hours of conference room use. 

Yes, this means wherever you are on the globe, whether it’s New York City or Hong Kong, you’ll always have the room and the flexibility to work.

A nice, quiet workspace is great for some. If you’re looking for a place to turn a small business into a blossoming, mobile corporation, a place where you can be flexible is for you. 

Fuel your entrepreneurship.