Tech Tuesday! 9/25

Welcome my loyal Nomads to another edition of Tech Tuesday, brought to you by Nomadworks. Here we have collected five tech news articles we found incredibly interesting, and we hope you do too!

New Tech Helps Paralysed Man Walk Again

An incredible breakthrough has been made and it seems like it came from the pages of your favorite science fiction novel. A small device the size of an AA battery has been implanted in a man’s spine which has restored mobility to his formerly paralyzed limbs. Now, of course, this is just the opening stages of treatment and research, and without the device activated he cannot walk, but the implications of the breakthrough are incredible!

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iPhone Durability Test

The new iPhone is out and as usual, people can’t wait to get there hands on it. Well according to this test you better make sure to keep your hands on it. Turns out the “most durable screen” ever on a smartphone isn’t setting the bar too high. Does the waterproofing live up to the claims?

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Led Zeppelin Streaming Service

I know some of my nomads love to rock! Well, good news my fellow headbangers and horn raisers, Word on the digital streets (aka the internet) is that Led Zeppelin may be launching the “Led Zeppelin Experience” as a celebration of the band’s 50th anniversary. The project is said to be heavily revolved around live music and exclusive “non-downloadable” pre-recorded music. Will this launch a bigger trend in music streaming services?

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Wifi Being Used To See People Through Walls

Now, this one is straight out of Mission Impossible…or James Bond…or maybe even Batman. Researchers at UC Santa Barbara have discovered a way to get an accurate count of human bodies through the use of a single wifi router. This technology could be used for simple purposes, such as “how many students are attending your lectures,” or how many dancers you have in your club. This does, of course, raise some ethical questions.

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Greece Using Drones To Spy On Boat Owners

Speaking of ethics, spying, and just about everything creepy;  have you ever looked up at a drone zooming around the sky suspiciously? Well, if you’re currently trying to evade taxes in Greece, your suspicions have some merit. The Grecian government is now using drones to spy on private boat owners who provide aquatic tour services to tourists. They physically count the number of guests on the voyage, then cross-reference them with the “declared” receipts the boat owners file with the government. Can you think of any other ways drones can be applied to spy on citizens and is it just?

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