Top Tech Articles of the Week 9/19

Hello there my wonderful nomads! Are you looking for the latest and top tech news this week? Well, look no further. We have carefully scoured the internet to bring you this week’s hottest tech stories, be sure to check them out!

1.New Mexico sues Google, Twitter for illegally collecting data on children.

It seems the debate of what these tech giants can, and can’t do is still raging. This latest story is just another in a long list of trying to find the lines we will allow them to cross. What do you think about the reach of big tech, and the data it collects on us all?

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2. Watch out for this: You can now watch video recorded on a vinyl record.

Vinyl is always trying to make a comeback. Whether it’s through the avid collector, your snobby music loving friend, or just stuff you parents still have stowed away in the garage, more and more people are talking about vinyl. The bad news is, the video quality is lower than a VHS, the good news is, if you ever want to break into supervillainy (or reenact Saw), this format would make a great debut tape. Check out the full story here

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3.Tired of never winning the grand prize in HQ Trivia? Good news, you can now lose twice with their upcoming game!

HQ Trivia announced the arrival of a brand new mobile game. Unlike their already wildly popular mobile trivia game this new game will be closer to “Wheel of Fortune.” Will this announcement, coupled with the appointment of a new CEO be enough to restore HQ Trivia to its former glory? Read more here

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4. How the IoT is impacting your industry.

The IoT, or simply the internet of things, effects every business and industry differently. Due to this fluidity, it’s hard to get a standardized metric of just how the digital age is changing, revolutionizing, upgrading, or your favorite buzzword-ing your business. Luckily the good folks at Forbes have given us 7 helpful insights as to how the IoT may be impacting you!

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5. You chirped about it, and Twitter heard you. The new setting can restore your timeline to chronological order

Twitter’s algorithmic model has both been praised and denounced depending on who you’re talking to. In a rather surprising move, the social media giant has introduced a featured which will restore your timeline to simply posting tweets from those you follow in chronological order, undoing the algorithm they installed in 2016. For more details on the story, and how to activate the change, check out the story below.

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