Working Wellness

The Wellness Triangle: How to Work Better

When we created Nomadworks, we wanted to provide a space where people could work better. We didn’t want to be just another coworking space in Manhattan. No, we wanted a place where happy employees can be productive employees.

Luckily, this wasn’t rocket science. From early on we recognized that employees are just people, and we figure professionals typically need three things to be happy, a stimulated mind (or spirit depending on how you look at it) a healthy body, and a thriving business. That’s where we came up with our Wellness Triangle.

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. Healthy Business.

Easy right?

Hard Work Vs. Working Hard

Now don’t get me wrong, there is a difference between working hard, and hard work. One helps shape us with discipline, good practices, and rewards us with a feeling of accomplishment. In regards to hard work, it grinds us down until we are nothing but a pile of smoldering misery too broken down to even do a Linkedin search.

The good news is, more and more companies and workplaces are starting to realize this. According to Forbes, happy employees are 20% more productive than their miserable counterparts. The Wellness Triangle helps us avoid the latter, and strive towards the former.

Healthy Body

The core of our wellness program is our weekly free vinyasa yoga class provided by our wellness partner BellaVita 360. The thing about vinyasa yoga is its focus on breathing and almost rhythmic flow of motions. We apply that same logic to our entire wellness program. It is essential to keep that flow from body, mind, business, then back to the body. We have also partnered with popin, the app that lets you access NYC’s hottest gyms, without the hassle of commitment.

We’re always thinking of new ways to keep our members feeling healthy, from our wide array of flavored sparkling waters to our upcoming addition of kombucha on tap. We aren’t total health nuts though, we still believe in an ice-cold beer during our happy hours. After all, the key to any successful life is a balance.

Healthy Mind

We were bowled over by our member’s enthusiasm for meditation. In response, we constructed our very own meditation lounge for member use. The room features an essential oils dispenser, a calming choice of music or sounds (I’m personally an ocean waves guy) and a hammock to lay in.

Furthermore, single meditation is always good, but things are usually more fun in a group. Every so often, we have our members lead group meditation in our larger conference room spaces. If you’re someone that isn’t’ fully sold on the benefits of meditation, we have some more practical exercises to get that ole brain of yours stimulated.

At least twice a week, we try to provide our members with compelling events and speakers, to add to their already impressive array of skills. Keeping our member’s minds happy and healthy is as easy as making sure our space always has great art on the walls.

Healthy Business

If you’ve gotten this far down, I either have you enthralled, or you’ve been waiting to find out how the hell I bent “wellness” to mean “business-wellness.” Well take it easy, it’s way less of a stretch than a yoga class (see what I did there?). Imagine your company is a person, our partnerships and networking opportunities are here to keep you healthy, strong, and most of all happy. Are you starting a new business and don’t know the first thing about CPA, CFO, accounting for investments? Boom, let’s hook you up with our partners at Calculate to short that out.

Need some 401K and future planning for your employees, benefits programs, compliance, that sort of thing? We got a guy at PGP who will walk you through that. By the way, is your startup great, but your funding low? Let’s get you in the room with the New York Angels.

The Nomadic Spirit

For all of our members, Nomadworks is a place to grow. Nomadworks designed their customer experience around the core principle that you should like going to work. If your business is tanking, all the free yoga and kombucha in the world can’t help you. That’s why we built Nomadworks. It is a place where many can succeed. Membership here gives you access to our partnerships, giving you the support and foundation you need to succeed.

It’s great to have a healthy body, mind. and business.
That’s the Nomadic Spirit.