Why Self-Care is so Important for Home Workers

Self-care is essential for mental and physical health, especially for remote workers. In the digital
age, around 13% of people work entirely from home and 30% as hybrid workers. With the
increased number of people working away from the office, it’s more important than ever to care
for your wellbeing.

Whether you’re new to home working or are a freelancer, self-care can boost your motivation
and decrease stress. If you’re thinking about increasing your self-care routine, here are some
reasons to encourage you to put yourself first.

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Reduces burnout and increases your productivity

When you’re constantly looking at your laptop, not taking breaks or listening to your body, it’s
easy to burn out. However, by implementing self-care techniques, you can reduce the chances
of burnout and put your mental health as a priority.

Self-care doesn’t only mean pampering nights with bubble baths and candles, it’s much more
than that. At its core, self-care consists of setting boundaries, taking breaks and creating a
routine which works for you. It also means taking a mental health day now and then when you’re
not feeling 100%. A healthy mind is fundamental to living a healthy and happy life.

Once you’ve done it for a few weeks, you’ll find that implementing a consistent sleep schedule,
taking regular breaks and instilling healthy habits in the morning does a world of good. How
many times have you tried to force productivity? That’s when it’s time to step away and have a
break, allowing your body to recharge and refocus. Regular self-care benefits your motivation,
increasing productivity levels and working more effectively, resulting in improved work

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Helps you disconnect from work

It’s easy to remain in work mode when working from home. Your safe home environment also
doubles up as your office, which can sometimes affect you more than you realize. Work can be
stressful and usually, when you leave the office, you can leave the work stress at the door,
however, when it’s in the same place, it can be hard to disconnect.

The key is to disconnect. Self-care involves setting boundaries, such as setting a particular time
to switch off your laptop which you actually stick to. Boundaries can also include creating a
dedicated workspace
for you to use only during work hours. Close that section off or put it away
when you’re finished for the day. By actively putting things out of sight and setting boundaries,
you’ll be able to disconnect from work the same way as leaving the office.

It helps you stay connected with the world

Self-care means putting yourself as a priority. You should make sure to book social plans and
leave home for a walk, ensuring you’re breathing in the fresh air. Doing this regularly, for
example a 20-minute walk before work or during your lunch break, can keep you feeling
connected to the world around you.

As humans, we need connection and home working can limit this. Practice these self-care
techniques to ensure you experience connection the way you would in a ‘normal’ 9-5 office job,
whether that’s human interaction or simply admiring nature.

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Self-care is a priority

Self-care should be a priority for all home workers and part of your routine, similar to waking up
for work or making dinner. Implementing a suitable routine involving self-care tactics benefits
your mental health and helps you fall in love with your work day and life.

Article written by Mavis Miller