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3 Reasons A Virtual Office Will Help You Succeed

You might have heard this term thrown around at your latest startup networking event, “Virtual Office”, but what does it mean? Basically, a Virtual Office is a flexible workspace option for companies who don’t require a physical workspace. Instead, the Virtual Office functions as a legal address and headquarters for a company. The rise of Virtual Offices goes hand-in-hand with the fact that everything is going digital these days.

“The retail world saw a huge shift toward virtual storefronts, now other industries are following suit,” said Nomadworks CEO Steven Cohen when asked about how Nomadworks will adapt to the ever changing digital landscape. His worldly perspective can be attributed to his vast experience in the retail industry.

So, why do YOU need a NYC Virtual Office

For starters, it’s affordable. The most simplified definition of a virtual office is paying a small monthly fee to a coworking space to have your business address be listed as that shared office’s address. For example, if you were to have a virtual office here at Nomadworks, all of your business cards, your website, and any other promotional material would be able to proudly display 1216 Broadway, New York, NY 10001 as your legal address. You may not have a permanent office here (yet), but you’ll be able to leverage our resources and let people know that you are headquartered in a prestigious Manhattan location right on Broadway. Pretty cool right?

Now what if I told you there is a whole list of advantages that having a Virtual Office can bring you that go even further beyond having a place to do your company’s mail handling? Read on for 3 reasons why it’s time for you to reap the benefits of a Virtual Office.

Let Our Prestigious Business Address Make a Good Impression

You only have one chance to make a first impression. There have been tons of studies into this, and while none can agree on a set number, they all agree you have less than 30 seconds to set a good impression. All the good body language and strong,confident speech in the world won’t help you if your entire operation looks unpolished and unprofessional.

Showing your clients you’re legit is easy with a Virtual Office plan. Whether it’s through a simple professional greeting via a business phone service, or utilizing one of the many clean, private, upscale appointed conference rooms at our shared office locations (usually made available to Virtual Office Members by reservation at a reduced rate) your clients can sense the professional, reliable vibe given off by you, and your choice of space.

After reaching out to a client via email, you can imagine one of their initial steps will be to look your business up on Google. Being greeted by a legitimate listing on the web with a noteworthy Manhattan address will provide that client impressd. A PO box does not have the same ring to it as Broadway, New York. The goal of Nomadworks launching a Virtual Office membership was to give businesses an opportunity to represent themselves with a professional New York address without the usual New York real estate prices.

Your  Office Goes With You

At Nomadworks, we encourage our members to find their Nomadic Spirit. Nothing really encompasses that quite like a Virtual Office plan. As long as you have the means, you can work from your home, your car, an airport, a train, in a cave, or in the bathroom (just wash your hands). A Virtual Office supplements all your crazy nomadic business adventures with a firm rock to stay grounded with a sedentary headquarters.

In many industries, location gives a business clout. When you think of New York, it truly embodies business. Be it finance on Wall Street, or a small business working at a coworking space, the city is a place where anyone, regardless of background, has an opportunity to do something great. Embrace that greatness from anywhere by keeping your address in the heart of NYC.

Virtual Office, Material Savings

Ok, ok maybe we should have lead off with this one right? As a starting entrepreneur, startup, young professional, freelancer,  member of our Nomadic Seed Camp, whatever you call yourself, the bottom line is keeping cost low. Coworking facilities, like Nomadworks, save companies a lot of money on overhead costs. From electricity and cleaning to coffee and bagels, coworking has been proven as a tried and true economic option for small businesses. But let’s say you’re at a point where you won’t fully utilize a standard coworking membership just yet. A Virtual Office is a great way to get your foot in the door as a member of our community.

For example, once you become a Virtual Member at Nomadworks, you have access to the coworking community. You are given the inside track to events, and any exciting updates about the space and its members. You become a part of a community and are instantly connected to hundreds of like-minded, forward-thinking entrepreneurs. At Nomadworks, not only do we offer the standard mail and address services most companies do with Virtual Memberships, but we take it a step further. Our Virtual Nomads are very much a part of our coworking community, with access to our events, free conference room access, and even free monthly coworking at our flagship location.

As your company grows it helps to be a part of a network, making expansion seamless and easier. Perhaps your company has grown beyond the needs of a Virtual Office, and you need a physical office to house staff and equipment. That upgrading process is made easy and done with an organization you already know and trust.

That isn’t to say that a Virtual Office is merely a stepping stone or the first step for companies to take. There are many businesses that can operate perfectly fine with nothing more than a Virtual Office. With the boom of Virtual Offices has come more acceptability, and recognition from other companies and distinguished clients alike.A Virtual Office gives your company the professional presentation it needs, gives you the freedom to still explore and work anywhere you need to, all while saving you money. I guess the only question left to answer is why don’t you have one yet?