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Working at home? These authentic podcasts will keep you entertained

Looking for some much needed fresh content during the long WFH days? We got you covered. The Nomadworks Podcast Room has only been up and running for a few short months but if you’re looking for podcasts about real-life issues and hilarious content, you’ve come to the right place!

Below you’ll find the channels we offer. The range of each creator’s content is enough to relate to everyone. From grabbing a quick bite across the country to managing to stay sane in this ridiculous place we call a world, we have it all.

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster Episode 47: Ronny Chieng

British comedians Ronny and James take to different cities all over England and the rest of the world inviting new guests to their “magical restaurant” where they choose the meals of their dreams.

Starting from appetizers to main courses, side dishes, dessert, and a drink. Imagine getting invited to eat the meal of your dreams? They do all this while captivating their audience with witty banter and hilarious statements.

They venture far from your typical dishes, introducing the world to delicious dishes.

In one episode, Ronny Chieng meets the two at a bar in NYC where he questions their ability to fund an entire trip all for a meal. The pair quickly laughed off his questions with a refreshing British charm and responses that had even them laughing.

“Two British guys whimsically talking about lunch,” Ronny and James are never afraid to take a shot at themselves in good humor. Whether you’re a true food lover or not this podcast will not fail to bring a smile to your face.

Ronny and James’ ability to go off one another while also actively engaging their guests all while eating delicious meals is enough to make any listener jealous.

Relatively Sane with Jessica Kirson Episode 37: Marina Franklin

Jessica Kirson reels her listeners in with her blunt, relatable stories about her own personal experiences. She opens this podcast with a story about a man who was walking towards her while holding one nostril closed and blowing out the other.

While we’ve all probably experienced this in our lives, Jessica takes to her Podcast to tell the public if she sees you do it she will “f*cking kill you.” She jokes about her anger issues and say’s her mother tells her that drinking “ginger and beats” will lessen her aggression.

Her guest, Marina Franklin shares with her some stories of her own and how she is also ‘relatively sane’. She continuously mocks herself throughout her podcast, stating how she is “barely getting through.”

She makes her guests and audience feel comfortable through her ability to laugh at herself, in return allowing those who have experienced similar situations find some humor in it as well.

During this episode, Marina states how she began her career wanting to be an actor yet always told herself if that didn’t work out she would move towards stand up instead.

Jessica doesn’t hold back nor censor herself and she does a great job of making her audience feel as if she were talking to them directly.

The JTrain Podcast

In his most recent podcast, Jared Freid brings in influencer Lindsi Lane to read people’s emails regarding relationships. The first thing a person notices about Jared is his loud, out-going personality.

He’s making jokes, making voices, speaking to his audience, and makes people want to listen with his own natural charm. Each podcast he covers different topics, such as “The Rosa Parks of Male Ass Play,” and “Being a Little Difficult Can Be a Good Thing.”

He says his show is about “switching things up”, gaining new perspectives and new content that will register with all types of people.

Each podcast the guest is tasked with reading the listeners’ emails and responding to them on various topics from relationships and hooking up, to post-grad issues.

He posts twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, making sure to bring new ideas and words of wisdom to the table. His continuous interaction with his listeners through the answering of their emails keeps people coming back for more in hopes of hearing a response to their own questions.

He dives deep into people’s problems and truly tries to offer his best advice for them no matter if he hasn’t experienced it himself. His ability to turn even the most serious of topics into a light-hearted conversation is what makes his podcast so successful.