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A virtual office is a low-cost, easy and smart way to establish a foothold in New York City. Whether you’re a global brand or a blossoming startup, becoming a virtual nomad will give you the flexibility you need to grow and succeed. Rather than raising your bottom line with a full-time office rental, enjoy the prestige of one of our premium Manhattan mailing addresses at an affordable cost.

Nomadworks offers a variety of Virtual Nomad packages to ensure you get the right fit for your business.

We have designed the Virtual Nomad membership to cater to those who truly embody the Nomadic Spirit. Our Virtual Nomads are changing the world beyond the typical brick and mortar. Check out some of the advantages of a Virtual Nomad Membership and sign up today!

Virtual Member Benefits

Virtual Nomad

Virtual Nomad Gold

Virtual Nomad Platinum

Premium Manhattan Address
Mail Notification
Inbound/outbound mail handling
Conference Room Bookings Discounted Discounted 4 Hours / monthly
Dedicated NYC Phone Number X
Monthly Coworking Day Pass
Printer & Copier Access X
Nomadworks Passport Add for $20 Add for $20
Monthly Price $50 $100 $150